Mar 14, 2024

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Discover iDetect-4.0 (Dedicated site)

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iDetect 4.0 solution for predictive maintenance and quality control empowers autonomous Machine Learning Operations (MLOPs), eliminating the need for additional infrastructure while significantly enhancing manufacturing processes.

The necessity to adopt predictive maintenance and advanced quality control highlights the efficiency as well as the challenges and costs of deep learning AI. iDetect-4.0 is the first Multi-Agent AI system addressing the robustness and adaptability challenges posed by quality control and predictive maintenance in aggressive and changing production environments.

By immediately incorporating operator feedback, it ensures continuous performance enhancement. Lightweight, autonomous, easy, and quick to implement by any production engineer, it reduces operational costs by 60% compared to conventional AI.

iDetect-4.0 has been developed in collaboration with engineers from major enterprises and stands as the first adaptive and scalable multi-Agent AI, leveraging acoustics for quality control and predictive maintenance.

With its no-code companion Maestro, iDetect-4.0 reduces the required data for learning by 90%, decreases model building time by a factor of 1000, automates it, and requires no specific expertise. The combination of iDetect-4.0 and Maestro makes deep learning AI configurable for even the smallest enterprises.