Engineering: Embedded Software Engineer

Contribute to design, developpment, and maintainance of Davinsy embedded systems in products, including software development. Requires global knowledge of embedded systems. A 'nice to have' will be previous experiences with embedded AI models.

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Engineering: AI Engineer

Experience in combining edge computing and AI, including the latest both supervised and unsupervised learning, including the latest deep learning algorithms and machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, Tensor RT, PyTorch.

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Marketing: CPO

Our CPO should have fast-growing and venture-backed AI startup seeks. Understanding of theory, practice, and limitations of embedded deep learning. Top-notch communication skills are essential. will be responsible for all Davinsy product-related matters. That includes...

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Bijan Mohammadi of Bondzai was invited to the tinyML EMEA 2022 conference

Bijan Mohammadi of Bondzai was invited to the tinyML EMEA 2022 conference. This 3 days Innovation Forum gathered key industry leaders, technical experts, and researchers, from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, innovating with machine learning and artificial intelligence on ultra-low-powered devices. Participants showed great interest for Davinsy with numerous questions on the core algorithm, the on-device learning workflow, and the performances. Special attention was given to how Bondzai's Davinsy facilitates deployment and maintenance of Deep Learning models through "on device learning". READ MORE